Neo Environmental consent 15MW Solar Farm in Essex.

Neo Environmental have successfully consented another solar farm in Essex on behalf of one of its clients, Vogt Solar. The 15MW development will cover an area of 23.5 hectares and will generate up to 10 million kilowatt hours of electricity, with the capacity to power up to 2,209 average homes. The project will result in significant environmental benefits including the displacement of approximately 4,465 tonnes of CO2.

Although a significant proportion of the development land is classified as Grade 2, the proposal received consent due to the significant environmental benefits the project will have. Neo Environmental have proposed a landscape and habitat management plan which will increase biodiversity in the area and also enhance screening opportunities.

It is important to emphasise the benefits of solar PV including:

“Overall, all PV technologies generate far less life-cycle air emissions per GWh than conventional fossil-fuel-based electricity generation technologies. At least 89% of air emissions associated with electricity generation could be prevented if electricity from photovoltaics displaces electricity from the grid.”

Neo Environmental conducted all of the planning and environmental assessment in-house, including the Planning Statement, Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment, Ecological Surveys and Habitat Management Plan, Archaeology and Built Heritage Assessment and Construction and Traffic Management Plan.

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