15MW Solar Farm consented by Neo Environmental in Canterbury

Neo Environmental have successfully consented a third solar farm in six months on behalf of Vogt Solar. The 15MW development will generate up to 10 million kilowatt hours of electricity, with the capacity to power up to 4,304 average homes.

The site had some major constraints that were mitigated, including its adjacent location to a substantial area of ancient woodlands and the site also encompassed a flood risk area.

The project will provide some significant ecological benefits to the area with the development of hibernacula and the planting of species rich hedgerows. A habitat management regime is also being implemented as part of the project.

Neo Environmental conducted all of the planning and environmental assessment in-house, including the Planning Statement, Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment, Ecological Surveys and Habitat Management Plan, Archaeology and Built Heritage Assessment and Construction and Traffic Management Plan.

Our 3D visualisations proved to be a major benefit for the public exhibitions and in giving the planning officer a greater impression of the development.

Click here to see one of our solar farm photomontages.

Please contact our office on 0141 773 62 62 for more details, or alternatively e-mail us at: info@neo-environmental.co.uk.

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