17MW Solar Farm in Shropshire

Vogt solar have managed to attain consent for a 17MW solar development that Neo Environmental completed all the technical and environmental assessments for. The 23 hectare site, which was formally a WWII airfield, will now be used to generate enough green energy to power up to 2,189 average homes and offset approximately 4,424 tonnes of  CO2 annually.

There will be significant habitat enhancement measures undertaken at the site which will benefit the neighbouring Prees Heath Common Reserve, which is owned and managed by Butterfly Conservation. Neo Environmental have worked with Butterfly Conservation to create a Biodiversity Management Plan to enhance the wildlife within the development boundary, especially butterflies and moths.

Neo Environmental conducted all of the environmental assessments, including the Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment, Landscape Plan, Cultural Heritage Assessment, Ecology, Biodiversity Management Plan and Construction Traffic Management Plan.

Please contact our office on 0141 773 62 62 for more details, or alternatively e-mail us at: info@neo-environmental.co.uk

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