Archaeological Discoveries at Neo…

One of the most interesting aspects of Neo Environmental’s involvement in renewables comes from our Archaeology and Heritage Teams excavation work.

Before work begins on the installation of a renewables project, our archaeology team assess the site for Archaeological remains through a variety of geo-physical assessments and on-site archaeological excavations, ensuring that anything of significance can be fully identified and recoded. This method also ensures items of unique archaeological interest are fully explored and preserved should they be identified.

At one of our recent archaeological investigations near Telford, we discovered numerous Roman artefacts including; Severn Valley Ware, Black-Burnished Ware (cooking pots) and Mancetter-Hartshill white ware. The pottery dates from the 3rd century AD, with some nicely decorated sherds within the assemblages. The finds are currently being cleaned, fully recorded and analysed by our team of experts, after which they will be deposited in a local museum. A technical report will be produced on the findings of the assessment, which will be lodged with Telford and Wreckin Council.

Another archaeological investigation recently undertaken by Neo Environmental’s archaeology team produced an excellently preserved Roman salt oven. The report for this is currently being compiled, with more roman pottery also being cleaned and recorded by our team with more information and photos to follow.

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