Archeology, Heritage and Geophysical: Winter 2015

Winter 2015/16

As winter begins to take shape, Neo Environmental are reflecting on a busy year of many unique projects, each of which has brought their own character and challenges. Going hand-in-hand with these challenges was a marked growth in the capabilities of the heritage and archaeology team, including the addition of in-house geophysical surveys which have already been implemented to great success!
The new services provided by the team, along with new offices opening throughout the UK and Ireland, have helped Neo Environmental provide a true cradle-to-grave package for many projects and clients. Ranging from unique building surveys to full Environmental Impact Assessment chapters, the year has provided no shortage of opportunities for the team to put their full range of talents to use.
Highlights have included overseeing the heritage and archaeology requirements for some of the first solar farms in Northern Ireland, as well as our latest geophysical survey within North Ayrshire which proved successful and informative in otherwise difficult geology.
To learn how we can manage the cultural heritage and archaeological requirements for your project, don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss the details. We have experience with projects in renewable energy, infrastructure, housing, community projects and many other sectors.

Heritage services offered by Neo Environmental

• Heritage Impact Assessments (HIA)
• Heritage Appraisals and Advice
• Historic Landscape Assessments
• Historic Building Analysis, Surveys and Assessments
• Heritage EIA Chapters
• Advice On Historic Parks & Gardens
• Historic Mapping, Graphics And Visualisation Production Services
• Community Project Support And Services
• Expert Witness
• Photogrammetry
Archaeological services offered by Neo Environmental

• Desk Based Assessments
• Walk Over Surveys & Site Assessments
• Pre-Development Testing
• Written Schemes Of Investigation (WSI)
• Watching Briefs
• Full Excavation
• Discharge Of Conditions Relating To Archaeology
• Archaeological Clerk of Works
• Geophysical Surveys (see below)

Geophysical services offered by Neo Environmental

• Magnetometry
• Resistivity
• Electro Magnetic Surveys
• Ground penetrating radar (GPR)
• Magnetic Susceptibility Surveys
• Metal detection

To discuss your project requirements, please contact us by email or telephone 0141 773 6262.

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