Solar Projects

Solar Farm Model 2

Large commercial solar projects have become a major part of Neo Environmental’s portfolio, with a current portfolio of over 100MW and a pipeline currently in excess of 200MW. The company has been involved in a number of projects from initiation right through to consent and discharge of conditions. These solar projects have ranged between 5MW and 20MW. A number of developers are also currently using Neo Environmental to undertake the bespoke work for large scale commercial PV planning application.

20MW solar farm in West Berkshire.

Neo Environmental has been commissioned to undertake screening and subsequent planning and environmental assessment for a 20MW Solar PV Park in West Berkshire. The project consists of the installation of 47,917 modules which will be mounted onto 1893 racks.

15MW solar farm in Essex.

Neo Environmental has been commissioned to submit a planning application for a 15MW Solar PV Park in Essex. The project consists of the installation of 47,917 modules which will be mounted onto 1893 racks.The project is not subject to EIA. However,comprehensive environmental assessments were undertaken in support of the application including a detailed Landscape and Visual Impact Analysis (LVIA); Statement of Community Involvement; detailed ecological assessment including a phase 1 habitat survey; Archaeological assessment; Transport and access appraisal and Flood risk assessment.

12MW solar farm in cornwall.

Neo Environmental has obtained consent for a 12MW solar farm in Cornwall on behalf of Vogt Solar. The 15 hectare site will now be used to generate enough green energy to power over 2,200 homes in the region. The project will also see an enhancement of the local biodiversity through a habitat management scheme developed for the site.Through open dialogue with the local parish councils, English Heritage, Natural England and the Environment Agency, all impacts were discussed and successfully mitigated. The local parish will benefit from the project through the development of a community benefit fund aimed at supporting local ventures in the area. The applicationwas supplemented by an in-depth Flood Risk Assessment (FRA), Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA), Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) and habitat survey all conducted in-house by Neo Environmental Ltd.