Ecology services

We have undertaken all forms of surveys including Phase 1 & 2 habitat surveys, Breeding and non-Breeding bird surveys, NVCs, GCNs, GWDTEs, etc, for numerous development types throughout the UK and Ireland. We have also produced BREEAM ecological assessments for developments.

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Our Ecology team’s extensive skills base enables Neo Environmental to offer a comprehensive in-house survey and assessment service. Where problems are identified, our ecology team are able to recognise practical and reasonable mitigation measures to alleviate any adverse impacts in compliance with relevant national and local legislation and policy. Our ecologists have completed over 300 ecological assessments, ranging from basic Phase 1 habitat surveys to protected species assessments, including many under license. Where required, we have obtained protected species licenses for particularly sensitive development works from the relevant statutory bodies  across the UK and Ireland.

As well as surveys and impact assessments, we have produced numerous ES chapters and Biodiversity Management Plans for large scale developments to mitigate impacts and enhance local ecology.The broad range of expert ecological services Neo Environmental provides enables us to tailor our services to the individual requirements of your specific projects in the most cost-effective way. Our expert team has designed and implemented ecological assessments for a variety of projects throughout the UK and Ireland, ranging from small-scale single turbine schemes to residential developments, schools, quarries and commercial solar farms.

Our Ecology services include

  • Extended Phase 1 and Phase 2 Habitat Surveys
  • National Vegetation Classification (NVC) Surveys (Can inform GWDTE Surveys)
  • Ornithological Surveys (please refer to our ornithology page for more detail)
  • Bat Surveys
  • Badger, Otter, Water Vole and Other Mammal Surveys
  • Amphibian and Reptile Surveys (Including Great Crested Newts)
  • Invertebrate Surveys (Terrestrial And Freshwater)
  • Protected Species Scoping Surveys
  • Hedgerow Surveys
  • Non-Native Species Survey
  • Pre- And Post-Construction Monitoring Surveys
  • Preliminary Ecological Appraisals (PEAs)
  • Ecological Environmental Impact Assessment (EcIA)
  • Biodiversity Management Plans (BMPs)
  • Environmental Site Management Plan
  • Habitat Management Plans
  • Invasive Species Management Plan
  • BREEAM Assessments
  • Habitat Regulations Assessment
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • GIS Surveying and Mapping
  • Ecological Clerks of Works (ECoW)

Identifying potential ecological constraints within the early stages of a proposed development can be greatly beneficial to a developer. Many ecological surveys can only be undertaken at certain times of year, and constraints identified late within the planning or development process can lead to unnecessary delays and financial burdens for projects.