Energy from Waste Consent in Falkirk

Outline of Project:
Lark Energy gained planning consent for a 2MW energy from waste development located at the Avondale Landfill site in Falkirk Council. The proposal includes an extension of the existing CHP Plant to form a Pellet Production Plant and Gasification Plant contained within two new, adjoining buildings. The waste from the existing recycling facility will be transported to the proposed development site, this waste will be converted into pellets which will be utilised for electricity generation to be used onsite. Once operational the proposed development will result in a reduced volume of waste being transferred to the existing landfill site.
Neo Environmental’s Involvement
Neo Environmental produced the Ecological Appraisal, Cultural Heritage and Archaeology Assessment, Transport Statement and the Flood Risk Assessment required to support the planning application.

The main constraint to the proposed development was the presence of great crested newt (GCN) which are known to be present within the Avondale Quarry. During the extended phase 1 habitat survey, habitats suitable of supporting GCN were identified. A GCN Habitat Suitability Index survey was undertaken, covering all ponds within 500m of the proposed development site. Although it was considered unlikely that the proposed development would impact upon GCN, a precautionary approach was adopted, with a Species Protection Plan developed in consultation with SNH. This Species Protection Plan identified suitable mitigation and compensation measures to be implemented throughout the construction phase, including the exclusion of GCN with fencing and the adoption of reasonable avoidance measures.

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