GIS Mapping & Graphics Production

We can use our in-house multi-disciplinary team to help provide cost effective and sustainable solutions to achieve mitigation and enhancement measures which can be implemented as part of the development

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GIS Mapping & Graphics Production

Our portfolio of projects is extremely diverse and our graphic designers utilise industry leading graphics packages to produce mapping and visualisations to support planning applications, environmental reports, discharging of conditions and for public exhibition boards and promotional material for projects.We have undertaken surveys, spatial analysis, mapping and visualisations for in excess of 300 projects.

Mapping production

Neo Environmental possess an extremely professional and well balanced team of graphic designers and technical consultants who can provide a full suite of maps and technical drawings.Our mapping production capabilities can also be combined with our topographical or geophysical surveys for a fully tailored service.

Our Mapping Production services include:

  • Topographic Surveys and Mapping
  • Geophysical Surveys and Mapping
  • GIS Constraint Mapping and Analysis
  • Landscape Proposals and Planting Plans
  • Restoration Plans


Visualisation production

Our visualisations can range from simple photomontages for wind developments to complex 3D visualisations for large scale residential or mixed use developments. We combine landscape design with our technical ability to produce striking 3D imagery to demonstrate a plan’s transition from concept to reality.

Our visualisation production services have been employed by clients for early stage public exhibitions and in support of planning applications, as well as  for appeals and discharging landscape related conditions. Neo Environmental has an excellent track record for producing high quality photographs and photomontages. These are created using professional digital photographic equipment and the latest available software programs.

Our visualisation services are often commissioned on a bespoke basis, but more frequently form  part of our LVIA packages.

Our Visualisation Production services include:

  • 3D Rendered Images (Photomontages)
  • Wireframes
  • ZTV Production
  • Exhibition Board Production
  • Promotional Material Production