Hydrology & Hydrogeology

Neo Environmental have designed swales and various SuDS schemes for projects ranging from solar farm and wind developments in flood risk areas, to residential and commercial developments.

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Hydrology & Hydrogeology

Neo Environmental can provide the expertise and in-house knowledge required for conducting hydrological assessments, including Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs), for proposed developments. The company has undertaken numerous FRAs for major developments and Hydrology and Geohydrology Chapters for EIAs. We have also provided tailor-made SuDS solutions to mitigate potential issues in proximity to GWDTEs (Ground Water Dependent Terrestrial Ecosystems) and areas susceptible to flooding due to increased surface run-off.

Our consultants have significant experience of liaising with Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) and Environmental agencies throughout the UK and Ireland in relation to hydrological and geo-hydrological constraints.

Our Hydrology Services include:

  • Desk Based Assessments
  • Sustainable urban Drainage Systems (SuDS)
  • Consultation with the Environment Agency
  • Report compilation and submission
  • Flood risk assessments
  • CAR (Controlled Activities Regulations) license applications
  • GIS – constraints mapping, data, analysis and results
  • Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP)
  • Hydroelectric Feasibility Studies