Landscape Architecture

All our assessments are undertaken by our experienced landscape architects with support from our in-house visualisation and graphics specialists.

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Landscape Architecture


Neo Environmental’s landscape team provide a wide range of consultancy services including landscape planning and landscape design to maximise the potential of a site, while also ensuring the delivery of a viable and affordable project. We can offer both standalone landscape project solutions and integrated approaches with our other in-house disciplines. With extensive experience, our landscape team are experienced in all stages of development, from early inception through to project completion. Our Landscape architectural team have completed work on over 400 projects to date, ranging from bespoke LVIAs, to complete landscape design work for projects.


Landscape planning is a specific tool which allows an integrated approach to managing change within rural landscapes and townscapes. As landscapes transform it is imperative that society plans for this ever evolving process in a sustainable way that reconciles competing land uses.
Our Landscape Planning services include:

  •  Master Planning Input
  • Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (LVIAs)
  • ES LVIA Chapter Production
  • Landscape Character Assessments
  • Townscape Character Assessments
  • Landscape Appraisals
  • Residential Amenity Assessments
  • Production of supporting graphics and visualisations
  • Discharging of Conditions


Our landscape architects have experience in undertaking landscape and visual impact assessments (LVIAs) for a variety of development types including renewables, infrastructure, minerals, commercial and residential projects. Neo Environmental’s landscape team has worked on over 300 LVIA projects across the UK and Ireland, including numerous EIAs.


Our LVIAs are supported by practical and cost effective mitigation and enhancement design measures, which help alleviate potential negative effects of a project. We work closely with our ecologists when developing mitigation strategies and landscape or planting plans, to enhance biodiversity and the overall environmental benefits of the project.

Our team of experienced landscape architects are supported by in-house graphic designers and technicians.
Using industry specific software, our consultants can produce complex visualisations and graphics (including ZTVs, 3D Visuals, GIS mapping, etc.) specifically tailored to individual projects.

Our landscape Design Services include:

  • Planting Proposals
  • Detailed Landscape Design
  • Mitigation & Enhancement Design Strategies
  • Historic landscape Design
  • Streetscape Design
  • Mineral Planning Design and Restoration
  • Visualisation, Mapping & Graphics Production