Neo Gain Consents for Solar and Battery Projects in Republic of Ireland

Neo Environmental have been working hard in the final part of this year receiving consents for an 11.4MW solar farm in County Clare for Vento Ludens and a 100MW battery storage project for RES in County Kildare and have now consented over 400MW of battery storage projects and over 500MW of commercial solar in the Republic of Ireland.

The Clare solar farm and Kildare battery storage projects were consented without any request for further information and neither received any third party objections. The solar farm provided a number of complex issues including cumulative impacts with two adjacent wind farms; ecological consideration which required a full IVC (Irish Vegetation Classification) survey and invasive species survey; as well as access constraints that necessitated an Automatic Traffic Count (ATC’s) survey.

The 100MW battery storage project was designed to take cognisance of access constraints which resulted in tree and hedgerow removal. A preliminary bat roost survey identified the tree removal as having a negligible impact.

The Neo Environmental team in Ireland are working on a number of new solar, battery and wind developments, as well as residential, mixed-use and aggregate projects.


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