Planning Services

Impartial Planning Advice

We provide objective, impartial and independent advice on all planning matters relative to your project. We will carry out a development options appraisal on your behalf and help you build a business case around the most commercially viable and realistic option.

Site Finding

Through our vast network of contacts, we can help you find a site most suited to your development needs and help broker a land lease on your behalf.

Planning Policy and Development Appraisal

We appraise each project rigorously to ensure that we can balance the specific needs of your project against the wider planning policy framework and other considerations that may be material to your project. Our ressarch is thorough ensuring that our planning policy appraisals and supporting statements are robust and fit for purpose. When undertaking a development appraisal of your site, we will consider realistic options based on market analysis and development viability (financial viability and constraints analysis) and the likelihood of obtaining consent for a given project.

Pre-application Consultation

Regulatory provisions require us to carry out Pre-application Consultation for projects classed as ‘major’ or ‘national’ and to prepare Pre-application Consultation Reports (PAC Reports) for those projects. We are well versed in this respect and have gained expertise in stakeholder consultation and resolution over many years.

Stakeholder Consultation

We have a good relationship with statutory consultees and communities generally. We have initiated and sustained constructive relationships with such groups over many years.

Planning Applications

Having submitted numerous applications for projects across the UK and Ireland, we have sound knowledge of both the regulatory planning framework as it applies to these areas and to the individual requirements of many planning authorities across the UK and Ireland.

Planning Appeals and Local Reviews

Our robust appeal and review statements provide a with a full rebuttal of the grounds for refusal, addressing also any including objections received from third party representatives.