As an independent planning and environmental consultancy we aim to ensure our clients attain planning consent for the project they require, we have no vested interest in any particular renewables product and therefore ensure that we provide our clients with an impartial balanced view. Our multidisciplinary team is highly experienced in the renewable energy industry, and has been involved in the successful consent and development of major projects throughout Ireland and the UK.

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As part of the multidisciplinary teams, our Landscape Architects act to ensure robust assessments are produced to include cost effective landscape mitigation and visual enhancement measures within projects at an early stage in the site design process. All the assessments are undertaken by our experienced landscape architects with support from our in-house visualisation and graphics specialists.

Landscape and Visual Assessment

Visual and Landscape Impact Assessments have become a statutory requirement for EIA’s and as such are one of the most important elements for consideration in development proposals. Large scale developments such as windfarms, major infrastructural projects and large commercial proposals require visual and landscape impact assessments to be undertaken.

Neo Environmental has extensive experience in developing effective mitigation techniques which can be clearly communicated to relevant agencies and stakeholders. Where it is deemed both practical and cost effective, we can steer project designs to minimise the potential negative effects.

Our Landscape Consultants are constantly working with the most up-to-date industry software to predict, analyse and where possible negate potential impacts.


Neo Environmental can provide the expertise and in-house knowledge required for conducting hydrological assessments, ranging from desktop hydro-electric feasibility studies and flood risk assessments, through to hydro-ecology studies and flow rate analysis for proposed developments.


Phase 1Our Ecology team’s extensive skills base enables Neo Environmental to offer a comprehensive in-house survey and assessment service.

Neo Environmental provides ecological assessment, interpretation and solutions for the planning and development stages of wind, commercial and infrastructure projects of all sizes.

The broad range of expert ecological services Neo Environmental enables us to tailor our services to the individual requirements of your specific projects in the most cost-effective way. Our expert team has designed and implemented ecological assessments for a variety of wind power projects throughout the UK, ranging from small-scale single turbine schemes to larger multi-turbine wind farms. Neo Environmental has extensive experience of providing cost-effective ecological solutions for our clients.

Archaeology & Cultural Heritage

ArcheologyNeo Environmental in-house experts can provide efficient and cost-effective archaeological solutions to its clients.

Our consultants have an established background in undertaking Cultural Heritage Environmental Statement Chapters. Neo Environmental can supply archaeological planning advice, guidance and micro-siting help on design proposals. Our consultants have experience of liaising and consulting with local planning authorities, national heritage agencies and relevant stakeholders to ensure our clients receive cost effective and fair solutions for their development.