Solar Farm Consent in Cheshire

Outline of Project:

Lightsource Renewable Energy achieved consent for the installation of a 3.4MW solar farm on land at Dairy House Farm, within Cheshire East Council. The development is capable of generating enough clean energy to power 1,100 average homes and offset 1,900 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year.

Neo Environmental’s Involvement

Neo Environmental undertook all of the environmental assessments required for the successful consent of the proposed development. The assessments and reports completed by Neo included: Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (including multiple photomontages), Landscape Plan, Ecological Appraisal, Biodiversity Management Plan, Cultural Heritage and Archaeology, Flood Risk Assessment, Agricultural Land Classification, Topographical Survey and Construction Traffic Management Plan.

The desk based assessment and extended phase 1 habitat survey undertaken as part of the ecological appraisal identified the presence of great crested newts and badger on site. As a result Neo undertook further great crested newt and badger surveys to allow for an informed decision on the potential impacts for each species from the proposed development. Once the potential impacts had been assessed, Neo produced a BMP to further reduce these impacts, and set out enhancement measures to benefit both species as, well as other local wildlife.

Natural England initially objected based on the potential impact to a SSSI. However, Neo consulted with NE and presented sufficient information for this objection to be removed, resulting in a successful outcome for Lightsource.

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