Statement regarding coronavirus

Good Afternoon,

Like all businesses, we are following government guidelines and enacting a series of precautions for the safety of our staff and the continuity of our work in relation to the Coronavirus pandemic.

We will be working to ensure that productivity at Neo is maintained, but not in our physical offices. Our staff will now all begin remote working and follow current guidelines in relation to social distancing for their own wellbeing. This will also make things easier on the families of our staff members as childcare, schools and other industries all become affected.

All Neo core services will continue with staff having access to email and file systems remotely and all office calls being routed to our admin teams.
Teleconferencing and company messaging systems are routinely used within Neo and will now be utilised for our remote working to maintain a full and complete service.

If you have any queries about work with us, please contact your appropriate Neo staff member who will answer anything that they can. Should anything significant change, we will update as fully as we can.

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