Our experience in this sector has ranged from undertaking simple traffic counts and swept path analysis for quarries, to Construction Traffic Management Plans for wind projects and solar farms with over 70,000 panels

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Traffic and Transportation

The Neo Environmental transport team’s  experience and understanding of transport planning allows us to offer a range of transport services and guide developers through  the level of assessment required in line with current guidance and policies. Our team consists of consultants and engineers with onsite project management experience, allowing us to create real world solutions to transport planning. To date, our team have produced over 50 traffic and transport assessments for developments.Planning Policy throughout the UK and Ireland states that all developments that generate a significant amount of movements should be supported by a Transport Statement or Transport Assessment and submitted with a planning application for the development. It will then be used to determine whether the transport impact of the development is acceptable.Neo Environmental will consult with the relevant local authority on behalf of the developer to determine what level of assessment is required, if any. In some cases, where the number of movements to and from a site is limited during the operational period of the development, the council may require a Construction Traffic Management Plan (CTMP). This will outline the traffic movements during the construction period as well as any mitigation measures which will help lower the impact on the local community.

Our consultants and Engineers can identify model choice, trip attraction, trip distribution, traffic assignment, road safety and parking for all types and sizes of development from residential projects  to retail parks, wind developments and commercial projects.

Our Traffic & Transport Assessments include:

  • Transport Assessments
  • Transport Statements
  • Construction Traffic Management Plans (CTMPs)
  • Abnormal Indivisible Load Assessments
  • Swept Path Analysis
  • Junction Design
  • Access Road Design
  • Visibility Splays
  • AutoCAD Drafting & Detailing