Two Scottish Solar Farms for Lark Energy

Neo Environmental have successfully completed all the environmental assessments for two solar farm applications in Dumfries and Galloway on behalf of Lark Energy and in combination with Smithsgore, who undertook the planning work. These will be two of the first commercial solar farm applications within the council and within Scotland itself! Neo Environmental’s experience in undertaking such work in England, having worked on over 150MW of solar development, was invaluable in working on this fledgling industry in Scotland.

Both solar farm sites are well contained and will provide enough renewable energy to power approximately 3,000 houses. Each projects will consist of nearly 20,000 ground mounted panels and will result in significant CO2 savings to help Scotland reach its ambitious climate change targets.

Neo Environmental undertook all the ecology, landscape, visualisation, flood risk and archaeology assessments, as well as the construction and traffic management plans. There were no major impacts identified by Neo Environmental during the initial constraint analysis, which informed the overall design and layout of the projects.

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