Resource Availability and Financial Analysis

Wind Energy Yield Predictions

We can provide an assessment of wind energy yield that is tailored to your requirements using industry best practice methods to provide long-term energy yield estimates trusted by developers, investors and banks:

  • Basic Wind Site Assessment Report: high-level summary of wind resource and energy potential for one turbine
  • Standard Wind Site Assessment Report: in-depth assessment of wind resource and energy potential for up to three turbine models
  • Advanced Wind Site Assessment Report: full 3D landform flow studies using simulation software, professional wind resource and energy assessment report featuring extensive data output, provided in a range of GIS and graphical formats.

Solar Energy Yield Predictions

We can provide and estimate of the solar radiation levels for an average year for any postcode in the UK.

Hydro Energy Yield Predictions

There are three main criteria when assessing the feasibility of a site for a hydro scheme:

  • Head: The Gross Head (H) is the maximum available vertical fall in the water, from the upstream level to the downstream level. The actual head seen by a turbine will be slightly less than the gross head due to losses incurred when transferring the water into and away from the machine. This reduced head is known as the Net Head. Sites where the gross head is less than 10 m would normally be classed as “low head”. From 10-50 m would typically be called “medium head”. Above 50 m would be classed as “high head”.
  • Average Flow Rate: The Flow Rate is defined by the volume of water passing a specific point every second, measured in m3/sec. For small schemes, the flow rate may also be expressed in litres/second where 1000 litres/sec is equal to 1 m3/sec.
  • Flow Rate Distribution: This indicates whether the flow rate throughout the year is consistent or if it reaches peaks and troughs. More consistent flow rates will result in higher energy yields.

Neo Environmental can ascertain hydro energy resource by calculating the long term annual and monthly flow statistics using Low Flows software.

Financial Analysis

The final results from our analysis are the most likely average annual energy yield (P50) and the associated uncertainties based on years of industry experience. We are able to suggest the most probable impact on energy yield and are able to import the energy yield analysis into a financial model to calculate the project cumulative cashflow (including and excluding finance and land rental) to show payback period, IRR and NPV. The report is due diligence ready for your preferred bank and investors, accounting for their stated investor hurdle rate, investment period and acceptable uncertainty