Wind Turbine Consent Northumberland

Outline of Project:

Hadrian Electrical achieved consent for the installation of a 60kW Tozzi Nord, Victory 24-60 wind turbine and the associated infrastructure at Bellridge Farm, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The wind turbine has the potential to generate enough electricity to power up to 54 homes and offset approximately 110 tonnes of CO2 each year.

Neo Environmental’s involvement:

Neo Environmental undertook all of the environmental and technical assessments required for the successful consent of the proposed development and compiled the comprehensive Supporting Statement. The assessments completed by Neo Environmental included: Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (including multiple photomontages), Ecological Appraisal (including extended phase 1 habitat survey), Cultural Heritage and Archaeology, Noise Impact Assessment (including onsite noise monitoring), Shadow Flicker and Traffic and Transport (including Visibility Splays).

The main constraint to the proposed development was a potential cumulative noise issue. A background noise assessment was undertaken and the Council’s Environmental Health Officer had no objection to the proposed wind turbine. There were some site specific constraints including mining risk, archaeology and ecology which were all mitigated during the iterative design process, in consultation with our client AVANT Planning.

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